Jade_Jag_Cover_1500Musician Michael Dryden—Moon to all who know him—has dreamed of the jade jaguar his entire life, never understanding those dreams. But then, because of a chance encounter with a young Mayan, he learns that his dreams are real, and a powerful obsession to search it out takes over. Grabbing his motley crew of band mates, Moon plunges into the bizarre and dangerous world of entangled lives and human sacrifices in the jungles of the Yucatan to discover a mystery buried from the rest of mankind for over a thousand years.


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PostOffce_Cover_1500The out-of-control management team in a Southern Californian post office leads employees to unusual methods of coping, turning their mundane lives outside of the post office from routine into sensational. Despite their efforts to cope, soon violent threats are realized when one employee explodes in a murderous rage. POST OFFICE is the passionate inside story of what fuels that final disaster.

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Final Feb20 14  Neil Sanders, framed for the murder of a wealthy socialite, is running from the police until he can prove his innocence. He is also running from the real murderers who happen to be members of a violent motorcycle gang out of Temecula,CA, the Cula Crew. The socialite’s husband, Thomas, has made millions on a software program he is rumored to have stolen from his missing partner, and now his ties to the Cula Crew are becoming more obvious, as is his involvement in his own wife’s death.

Neil has the support of his own brothers and his motorcycle club, the Bastard Sons. But complicating his hunt for the truth is the fact that Neil was drugged during the murder, and he can’t recall important information that will turn the case around. Bits of the puzzle are floating around in his head and in the clues he uncovers, but he can’t put it all together until yet another murder takes place.

In a mystery involving murder, motorcycle gangs, big dirty money, and the involvement of an aging mobster, Neil finds an ally and love in a beautiful woman who helps him pull the pieces together. With the splendor of Southern California and mountain vineyards and wineries painting an inviting backdrop, Reclaiming the Void opens up a world of unexpected twists and turns before reaching its enchanting conclusion.

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